Automated bending: robotic press brake cell

automated bending robotic press brake cell

When bending applications require high productivity, flexibility and precision, automated robotic bending quickly emerge as a better solution than manual bending operations.

As a consequence, JEAN PERROT, a brand of PINETTE group, has combined its extensive knowledge of industrial engineering with its expertise in sheet metal bending processes to design and offer automated bending solutions : the robotic press brake bending cell.


We propose custom solutions in order to respond to the specific needs of each client. Our automated bending cells are composed of the press brake MANEO Premium LCS (Single machine, tandem or tridem modes), robots (fixed or rail-mounted), accessories & additional modules according to client’s need.

Turnkey solutions

  • Complete integration of robotic solutions
  • "All in one" solutions: complementary technological contributions
  • Thorough analysis of your needs, and deep understanding of your needs


  • Cobotics | Visions | Precision | Reliability
  • Prehension | Shape recognition | Safety | Standard robotics

According to your needs, you offer you:

  • Robotised bending cell
  • E Cobot Bend™, the bender's companion - collaborative bending cell
  • Automation of your logistics and flows
  • Robotised inspection station
  • Repetitive handling simplification
  • Difficult working conditions are reduced

automated robotic bending cell

Press brake MANEO Premium LCS

JEAN PERROT CNC press brake MANEO Premium LCS regroups all our innovations in order to guarantee you optimal performances (high-speed, high-accuracy…) & unmatched ease of use:

  • Up to 2000 tons x 12 meters with individual machines and 2000 tons x 32 meters in tridem (when three machines are connected together).
  • Back gauges up to 12 axis
  • Hydraulic dynamic crowning system up to 800 t / m capacity
  • Motorized sheet followers
  • CNC press brake with DELEM numerical control devices
  • LCS angle measuring system:systeme controle correction automatique angle pliage lcs

This patented laser control system allows automatic bending angle measurement & correction (in real time). No matter how long the part might be, it ensures to obtain a very precise and high quality bending result.

This guarantees that each part is formed to the correct angle from the very first bend (and reduces costs and time due to trials).

The LCS makes possible production self-control and related traceability (control report generated for each bend of each part). If the LCS finds a bad part, the production line will stop and an alert message will be transmitted to limit losses.

Learn more about our press brake MANEO Premium LCS.


Robots (All brands)

  • Polar or cartesian robotsrobot sheet metal bending operations
  • Multi-axis robots with suction, magnetic, or finger grippers
  • Functions: unstacking, placing blanks to reference position, bending operations, loading / unloading and tool changes
  • Capacity: up to 2 000 kilos
  • Validation of part right placing (according to part reference position) by micro sensors on gauge’s heads.



jean perrot automated line cartesian








Bending cell accessories

Our solutions are adapted to respond to the specific needs of each client, we can also add large range of accessories and additional modules:

peripherique cellule pliage automatise

  • TOOLBOX modular system for tool storage, loading & unloading (single or double entry)
  • Other tool storage cabinets
  • Pallet flow management: conveyor systems for automatic pallet input and output
  • Punches and dies cleaning systems
  • Finished part storage solutions according to client's need




jean perrot automated line hmi

  • Bar code tool recognition
  • Automated blank curve inspection before bending
  • Double loading/unloading carousel for optimal safety
  • Bespoke HMI and supervision
  • Off-line programming




Bending Applications

  • Heavy and large-sized parts like electric poles
  • Ultra-precise bending like computer components
  • Complex parts
  • Medium & large volumes with short cycle times
  • High speed bending




Would you like further information? Whatever your project related to automated bending, robotic bending cells & automatic press brake solutions, do not hesitate to contact us or to send us an online request for quotation.

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